Vacuum Enhanced Recovery (VER) & Monitoring

Leaking infrastructure and significant spillages may result in Free Phase Product (FFP) forming in the subsurface (soil and groundwater). FPP may also be encountered aboveground in areas such as streams, drains, etc. Unrecovered FPP will directly lead to secondary contamination sources.

Vacuum-Enhanced Recovery (VER) is an in-situ technology that uses pumps to remove various combinations of contaminated groundwater, FPP and hydrocarbon vapour from the subsurface. Extracted liquids and vapour collected for disposal and disposed of at a registered facility. VER systems can be effective in removing FPP from the subsurface, thereby reducing concentrations of petroleum.

All wells are measured using an interface meter. Monitoring well parameters (condition, static water level, FPP apparent thickness, appearance and odour) are recorded following the completion of each VER event.

Findings are compiled based on the product and water volumes collected by the VER contractor and measurement recorded by K&T. A detailed report indicating measurements, trends, FPP thickness plume diagrams and VER efficacy are compiled.

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