Our Process

Our Process

At K&T, we serve our clients’ needs from concept to reality. Our process consists of the following project stages:



It is critical to understand the client brief and the expectations ahead of starting on the actual engineering.

The brief is clearly understood and communicated by both parties to set the project on its course of delivery within required time frames and budget.

Gather all necessary input data and client specific requirements to inform the design solution.

Conceptual Design

Consult with all parties involved in the project to ensure that all affected parties are served positively by the design solution. Care is taken to consider the short and long term effects on the environment as well as the affected community while ensuring the client’s project objective is achieved.

Conceptual designs are reviewed internally by bringing our combined years of experience to bear in finding good and practical solutions. The designs are then presented to the client and the merits discussed ahead of decisions taken to proceed with the detailed design.

These designs are costed to ensure the projects remain within the budget constraints as set by the client.


Detailed Design

The approved conceptual design is then advanced and fleshed out to form a set of documentation to include drawings and specifications. This takes much deeper thought to get the detail of all parts to function correctly to allow for a long and economical service life of the completed product.

The detailed design requires numerous iterations of design review to arrive at the best engineering solutions. Once this process has run its course the project documentation is ready to go to tender.


The process of finding a suitable contractor is critical to the success of the project. The skill set, capacity and track record of the contractor are all considered along with the competitive pricing offered to complete the works.

Our experience and insight will assist in this process.


Construction Monitoring

This phase of the works is to ensure that our design intent and specifications are built correctly and the client is indeed getting both the required quality standards and the value of the built product. An essential part of the phase is to ensure that the practical issues are sorted out on site and the project can be delivered on time and within budget.

Close Out

The final close out of the project is to ensure the project is delivered to the client as promised. The quality of work completed and future operating procedures are well understood at handover time. In compliance with legal requirements, the sign-off of critical engineering items form an essential closure of the completed engineering service.