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Ladismith Reseal

The project involved the investigation of the reseal/pavement rehabilitation and upgrade of Trunk
Road 31 Section 5 (TR 31/5) from Ladismith (km 0.91) to Calitzdorp (km 47.63) including initial and
detailed assessment, detail design and documentation as well as the tender and construction
The project included the following works:

  •  Pavement repair work and reseal using a rubber modified binder of some 46 km of the
    trunk road.
  • Included in the reseal section were various section were pavement rehabilitation were
  • Upgrade of some 2km of the road, including improvements to the road geometry.
  • The structural work included the rehabilitation of two bridges as well as the construction of
    a new cast insitu box culvert and rehabilitation works the existing box culverts.
  • Flood repair works at various remote sites were done under the contract. This included the
    he reinstatement of a slope failure in the Garcia Pass as well as the construction of training
    walls in rivers for bank protection in various rivers and improvements to an existing
    concrete causeway.
  • Also included under the contract was the upgrading of view sites in the Huis River Pass as
    well as geotechnical maintenance works on the rock cut slopes within the pass.
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