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Kansanshi Mine Depot Project Zambia

Construction of 2 road receipt facilities servicing diesel and lube oils, which consists of concrete spill slab,
structural steel gantry with high level fall protection and canopy roof. Construction of 5 bay HME loading
facilities for diesel and lube oils, consisting of concrete spill slab, structural steel gantry and canopy roof.
Construction of 2 bay LV filling facilities for diesel, consisting of concrete island and spill slab. Construction of
tankage and bunds to cater for 2x 800cu.m and 2x 1 700cu.m diesel tanks and 5x lube oil tanks. Lube and
diesel product pumpbays with associated piping valves and equipment (including product metering) to cater
for loading of diesel and lubes to bowser, HME vehicles, graders and LV vehicles (diesel only). Construction
of firefighting facilities including fire pumps, water reservoir, piping, valves and equipment. Oily and storm
water drainage facilities including site separator with oil skimming devise. Construction of office block,
technical building driver’s house and electrical building.

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